About me

Are you looking for Yerba Mate from South America and original Palo Santo, Cuia, Porongo, Calabaza or Bombilla?

Then you are right with me.

I get my products directly from the producer and therefore it can happen that you will find exclusive products with me that cannot be found anywhere else in Europe.

My passion is yerba mate. I want to bring the mate culture from South America to Switzerland and live here on European soil.

Yerba Mate is currently a little exotic for Europeans, but hundreds of years ago it was the same with tea and coffee and nowadays the two have become an integral part of everyday life as if they had always been there ...

The whole preparation is a little confusing for the layperson: an appropriate water temperature without boiling, special cups and drinking straws. And finally the content of the individual package. Every package has a different taste, aroma, and if you don't know it, there is always a secret hidden in it.

Nowadays, drinking yerba mate is becoming increasingly popular and is slowly becoming a cult phenomenon around the world.