Dear Customers,

The new shipment of yerba mate from Argentina has already arrived.

Long unseen brands have arrived: Cachamate hierbas del litoral, Don Conrado, Grapia Milenaria, Kalena, Amanda Organica, Flor de Obera, Mathienzo Especial.

Agentine Tereré is also there: Piporé, Aguantadora and Rosamonte.

Coming to Europe for the first time: Ajedrez, Amanda Hierbas Serranas (fiolet), Amanda Suave, Amigo Matero, As de Bastos, Caballo Negro, Camino Nuevo, Casualidad, Chamarra, Don Leandro, Don Omar, El Hachero, Flor de Jardin, Lapacho Rosa, La Posadeña, Mate Amos, Origen barbacua, Picada Vieja, Salam, Sinceridad, Secadero and Yerbal Viejo.

All are worth trying because each pack has a different flavor hidden in it.

Also in July 2023 there will be a new delivery of glass mate cups from Argentina (product artesanias / crafts).

Another novelty: bolso matero - a bag or backpack to take all things related to yerba mate with you.

Best regards,

The customer service team.