Lose weight with Yerba Mate

Many people use the yerba mate to lose a few pounds. This is a very good, effective and tried and tested remedy.

Yerba Mate owes its effective effects to its 3 most important properties:

curbs hunger, prevents us from enjoying sweets and snacks after drinking (but it does not replace normal meals),

contains caffeine, which is thermogenic, ie. it turns fat stores into energy; the caffeine is gradually broken down all day long,

contains a vitamin complex and minerals, which have a beneficial effect on our organism.

In contrast to coffee, the Yerba Mate stimulates longer, its effect is less violent, you do not notice any tiredness or sleepiness.

There are also many special mixtures with herbs that promote weight loss: Selecta silueta, Indega en forma, Colon 90-60-90, Campesino hierbas adelgazantes, CBSe silueta, CBSe regularis and similar.