Mate cups from lagenaria vulgaris require so-called curado before first use.

A distinction is made between calabazas and porongo from the other pumpkin part.

In Porongo we find less fruit leftovers, the walls are thicker than in a Calabaza.

The Curado for Calabaza

Before you drink Yerba Mate from your new Calabaza (from the pumpkin lagenaria vulgaris), take the time to prepare it:

Fill them halfway with used Yerba Mate and pour in water at approx. 80 ° C.

Leave to stand for a few hours (ideally overnight) *, then use a teaspoon to scrape out the remaining pumpkin (carefully, not too tightly!).

Do not cut off the fruit left in the middle, otherwise the Calabaza can be damaged (hole danger).

Sometimes it is enough to do the Curado once, repeat as necessary.

Now your Calabaza is ready to use!

* If the Calabaza is colored, it makes sense to leave it on a coaster, otherwise the color may discolour the table.

Otherwise, even with daily use, a coaster is recommended.

Curado for Porongo

Used yerba mate and whiskey are used here. The alcohol completely cleans the pumpkin remains and leaves a very rich taste.

The amount of alcohol depends on the size of the Porongo: the content should not be too liquid, but moist.

Let stand for 48 hours. Then rinse with running water.

Stuff with kitchen paper. Leave to stand, change paper regularly for 1 day until it dries.

Leave for 1 day without paper until it is completely dry.

It may take 4-5 days to dry completely, but it's worth it.

And then it's ready to use!

Not suitable: wine, sparkling wine, sweet alcoho