Drinking straws / bombillas

Not every bombilla (drinking straw for yerba mate) fits every mate and vice versa. If you want to put together a set yourself, you should make sure that everything fits together well before shopping. A bombilla that is too short "disappears" in the cup and a too long one can tip it over.

If your bombilla gets clogged, you can use ->  the filter


  • Stainless steel

    Drinking straws (bombilla) for yerba mate made of stainless steel (acero inox).

  • Alpaca

    Alpaca, also known as German silver, is permitted as a cutlery material.

    It is a metal alloy of copper, nickel and zinc in different proportions: copper: 40-70%, nickel: 10-20%, zinc: 5-40%.

    It is used (except for bombilla production) for table cutlery, musical instruments, jewelry and much more.

    Contrary to its name, it does not contain silver. It is characterized by greater hardness and corrosion resistance.

    IMPORTANT #1: Before using the bombilla for the first time, you should clean the inside to remove any production residues.

    IMPORTANT #2: Alpaca bombilla changes color (also turns dark in the packaging), which is a normal process (oxidizes) and is not a reason for complaint.

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