Best before date (best before)

We do not sell Yerba Mate with an expired date. We adhere to this legal obligation.

It will be offered at a special price approx. 3 months before the best-before date.

Abbreviations on the packaging:

env. = envasada = fecha de elab. = packed

venc. = vencimiento = VTO = to consume

Some producers only give the packaged date, the others only the best-before date, and some even both dates.

Usually, the Yerba Mate is stamped by the producer with a 2-year best before date. It is required by law. However, this date does not protect against spoilage if it is stored poorly somewhere or if some water penetrates the packaging through the slots. Then it is also spoiled before the best before date.

If it is stored well, protected from moisture, it can be drunk well beyond the best-before date, only it could lose some of its aroma. After all, it's a dried herb.

AMANDA recently started stamping with a 4-year date. It would be said that up to 4 years the yerba mate is still good for consumption.