Preparation of mate and tereré

1. Fill the mate mug halfway with Yerba Mate.

2. Cover the jar with your flat hand, tip the mug over and shake the jar a little so that the Yerba Mate is cleared of dust.

3. Now pour some hot 70-80 ° C but not boiled water into the mate jar in this place where there is no yerba mate.

4. Wait about 1 minute for the water to soak up.

5. Place the bombilla in the cup. It must be covered with yerba mate at the bottom.

6. The bombilla may no longer be moved so that the brew does not clog the sieve.

7. You can now drink the Yerba Mate.

8. If the container is empty, do not pour the broth away, you can pour the broth several times. If you can see more small matte leaves when pouring them on (all at the bottom) and individual matte leaves floating at the top, the mate tea is called "lavado" ("washed out").


Yerba Mate in its original state tastes a bit bitter and takes some getting used to for some newcomers. You can of course change the taste of the mate by adding sugar (sweet water in the thermos and not in the calabaza), pieces of fruit, lemon or orange peel, fresh mint, lemongrass or other herbs.




 Another method is to prepare the mate cold, called tereré. Only cold water is used here, even reinforced with ice cubes. You can sweeten the cold water or add apple juice.


 Yerba Mate is good in every season: in winter it warms us up, in summer it cools us down.


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