Tucanguá organica
  • Tucanguá organica
  • Tucanguá organica
  • Tucanguá organica

Tucanguá organica


Tucanguá is an organic stemmed yerba mate known for the excellent quality of its raw materials.

No chemical fertilizers or plastics were used throughout the cultivation, harvesting, packaging process.

Strict control is maintained at each production step in order to meet the requirements for ecological and organic production.

Weight: 500g


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Cut: leaves and stems cut coarsely to medium coarsely, rather evenly, with a minimal amount of powdery particles.
Scent: after opening we feel the intense aroma of hay, campfire smoke, smoked plum with a delicate grain accent.
Taste: complex and intense, at the same time pleasant. A rich taste with noticeable plant, wood and nutty notes. It does not become bitter over time of mate drinking.

Yield: very high
Energy boost: very large

One of the best yerba mate.

best before:   0,5kg - 1/2024,  1kg - 12/2023


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