Indega Especial
  • Indega Especial

Indega Especial


Indega Especial is a classic Paraguayan yerba mate, in an Especial version.

Weight: 500g


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The contents of the package consist of finely chopped leaves and medium-sized twigs, and a normal amount of powder particles. Drinking here makes it easier to pile up, in Spanish montañita.

The aroma is typical of Paraguayan smoking. At first glance, the taste of the smoked plum comes into its own.

The taste is dominated by a pleasant yerba bitterness with smoky notes. Here, the strength of the taste goes hand in hand with the energy boost for the whole day.

Indega Especial is a yerba that is worth recommending, especially for those who love classic Paraguayan flavors. Or those who are still looking for an ideal.

best before: 7/2023

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