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Yerba Mate Instant 50 g

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Soluble version of yerba mate, toasted flavor (tostada).



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The instant version is designed in such a way that it can be prepared in a similar form to instant coffee.

Pour 1-2 teaspoons with hot or cold water to feel the effect of mate.

The 50 g pack is sufficient to prepare up to 10 liters of drink (assuming 1 teaspoon per 500 ml of water).

It can be drunk in many ways:

- warm (like yerba, with water up to 80 ° C),

- cold with ice cubes and various ingredients such as honey, lemon, mint, etc.

- as a complement to cocktails

- or with milk

Once filled, the scent is quite subtle and very similar to instant coffee. On the palate, you can feel a feeling of tightness and subtle, roasted grain notes.

The whole thing is very mild, ideal for more sensitive palates. Perfect as a quick drink at work. It's a stimulating equivalent of grain coffee.

Nutritional info: contains POTASSIUM

best before: 9/2022

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