Canarias Especial
  • Canarias Especial

Canarias Especial


Yerba Mate Canarias Especial - a special version of the classic from Uruguay. Made in Brazil for the Uruguayan market.

Weight: 500g


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Due to the small grinding this type of mate requires preparation with the help of hill. Otherwise drinking of Canarias mate will be virtually impossible and may cause the bombilla to constantly clog with fine particles of yerba mate. That's why it's worth taking the bombilla for chimarrao for drinking.

Scent: pleasant and expressive aroma of freshly mown meadow.

Cut: coarser and less dusty than the traditional version.

The taste has subtle grass, bread and smoke notes, minimal bitterness with a sweet and creamy finish.

Long-lasting taste and effect make Canarias Especial a real long-distance runner.

Best before:  0,5 kg - 1/2023,  1 kg - 1/2023


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