Sol y lluvia barbacuá


The plants are grown without agrochemicals - organica without certifikate.

Slow drying barbacuá over 24 hours with the hot air from a campfire is derived from the primitive techniques of the Guaraní Indians.

Natural aging of at least 18 months under the controlled conditions. Thanks to these processes, this Yerba Mate gets a strong character and refined taste.

Fragrance - a rich bouquet of aromas: smoked, reminiscent of freshly baked bread.

The taste is delicate, rich, full-bodied, with smooth taste. Does not cause heartburn.

You can pour over for a long time: up to over 1 l, but preferably with not too hot water (around 65-70 ° C)



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Establecimiento Felisa (in Tres Capones, 20 km from Apostoles in Misiones). Founded in 1989 by the Ukrainian immigrant family Pavluk.

Produkt artesanias.

best before: 4/2022

Sol y Lluvia
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