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Region: Oberá, Misiones (Argentina)

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  • Organic production without chemical agents (pesticides, herbicides or fungicides) however without paper certificate.
    To the drying system type Barbacuá is used by the Indians Guarani age-old method: sin humo (smoked with hot air from the campfire).
    2 years of storage.
    Aromatic, soft and full-bodied. When drinking, we perceive a wide spectrum of flavors: woody-smoky notes, bread and earth flavors, accompanied by a hint of dried fruit and velvet.
    For the gourmet.
    Limited production: product artesanial (crafts)
    Eco-sustainable: • native wood species are used for drying, which rebuild quickly and sustainably • packaging recyclable.
    The variant 1 kg means 2 x 0.5 kg.
    best before: 9/2021

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