Lose weight with yerba mate

Many people use the Yerba Mate to get rid of a few pounds. This is a very good, showy and proven means.

Effective action of Yerba Mate owes her three important properties:

suppresses hunger, cause we do not feel like sweets and snacks have after drinking (but it does not replace normal meals),

contains caffeine, which is thermogenic, ie. it transforms the fat stores into energy; the caffeine is gradually reduced throughout the day,

contains a complex of vitamins and minerals which cause low on our organism

Unlike coffee, yerba mate stimulates the longer of, their effect is less severe, it shows no fatigue or drowsiness.

There are also many special blends of herbs, which encourage the removal (Selecta silueta, Indega en forma, Colon 90-60-90, Campesino hierbas adelgazantes,CBSe silueta, CBSe regularis,etc.).